Peter is an entrepreneur and philanthropist passionate about empowering individuals to chase their dreams and change the world. Peter distinguished himself as a leader in the corporate world from a young age, and has a strong leadership and management record of high performance across a range of organisations. Peter founded PAN as the combination of decades of work to unlock the amazing potential of people and ideas to affect positive change.

Peter’s mantra is M.A.D. (Make A Difference), which combines his business acumen, with seminal experiences working in communities that face far greater challenges than he ever imagined. Further to this, he understands the impact that business can have in changing the world for good.  PAN is not an investment firm but a way of thinking that challenges paradigms and the conventional way of doing business. Peter is also the Global Chair of Global Citizen, and a trustee and Chair of the Collingwood Football Club Foundation.


Nick is a no-nonsense bloke who likes getting stuck into the numbers and making businesses great again. Nick seems to have a photographic memory of every business he’s been involved in, and has never met a balance sheet he didn’t like. His innate ability to find EBIT where there seemingly is none has seen him nail operations across a wide range of industries. He prides himself on these insights, and being able to accurately assess the financial health of current and future ventures.

Nick started his career as an auditor, but it didn’t take long before he got fed up with Corporate Australia and started PAN with Peter. Now, he loves maximising the potential of PAN’s investments, and proving that with the right management team, the right people, and the right idea – there is no limit.


As a child of the 80’s, I fell in love with technology at an early age. Mum was a primary school teacher in a regional Australian town who helped other teachers learn how to use computers.  As a result, I could use the school’s BBC Micro during holidays and it wasn’t long before I was hooked.

For me, a big part of building PAN is to create an environment that intersects my love for technology and my background in business.  With the right approach, technology is a loudspeaker that amplifies passion and drives change. Working with smart, driven people and watching their idea come to life is an incredibly rewarding experience and I’m very lucky to be part of it.


Shae’s why is team. She cares deeply about the people that come together with grit and passion to serve a greater purpose. Her fulfilment comes from helping to build a culture where every single soul feels empowered to chase the dream. Her thrills come from sharing the journey with the great people that shape these extraordinary teams.

Shae’s experience founding an e-commerce business and her 15 years competing in an elite, high-performance team sporting environment has set the foundations for the type of leader Shae aspires to be. Shae believes the wins come when everyone is running in the same direction at the same time. When the vision is so clear and energising to every spirit in the team, there is no choice but to chase it with passion and purpose. Take this mindset into businesses dead set on making a positive impact in our world… Just imagine what we can do!


Nikki has over 30 years’ experience in office administration.  She has supported individuals and teams working with them to achieve their potential including international aid project support for in country teams and executive assistant roles to CEOs and Company Secretaries.  Nikki understands that it’s much easier to chase your dreams if you have someone helping to clear the path and open the gates.


After traveling to Africa at the age of 11, Sam has long been inspired by the belief that we all have the ability to change the world, so long as we are ready to try. Aware of the pure luck that allowed her to be born and raised in a safe and comfortable environment, she has tried to make the most of the incredible opportunities and privileges presented to her. As a creative thinker, Sam believes the question is always more powerful than the answer. She inspires to #MAD and Puka Up.