A digital innovator helping unemployed Australians enter the workforce through its flexible learning programs.

A good company achieving great things in the community, that unwittingly found itself on the verge of failure. PAN took alffie out of voluntary administration, backed the leadership team to execute their vision, and provided commercial mentoring, support, and accountability. After working with PAN for two years, alffie is now a high performing organisation and the PAN effect is starting to show. alffie is now able to make a real difference to the community, working with thousands of people every year to give them the opportunity to take their next step in life.

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Morse Micro

Morse Micro is creating tomorrow’s technology today.

Imagine no power cords, no spotty connectivity, no empty batteries or lousy security.

Sydney-based dreamers Andy and Michael have designed the industry’s first low-energy WiFi HaLow silicon chip set to power a new generation of smart devices which can talk across neighbourhoods and run for years on a single coil battery.

Neither humble nor arrogant, these best mates have built their company values based off their personal beliefs.

Their vision is a future of wirelessly connected people and devices that will interact, manufacture, farm, and live smarter.

The IEEE calls it 802.11ah, the Wi-Fi Alliance calls it HaLow. Morse Micro call it the future.

Discover More has caught the attention of big retailers (and no doubt the ire of sneaky shoppers) with its technology that could put an end to supermarket self check-out theft. is powering fully autonomous environments, creating virtual carts for shoppers that detect and track products from the shelf to check out.

The three technical founders, who met at a coding competition, are happiest using their hands in the workshop, but a hunger to learn and deep dive outside their comfort zones has seen them establish a passionate team driven by a vision to change the world.

Supermarkets are just the start of’s journey to provide the automation platform and distributed perception stack to drive autonomous decision making and robotic service delivery in any environment… anywhere.

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Performance Matters

A management philosophy with organisational culture and strategy at its core.

When PAN look at a business they see paradigms ready to be broken. Performance Matters is their way of challenging management to question these conventions. This starts with value creation strategies that emphasise EBITDA improvement and cashflow generation. By recognising capability gaps, the PAN team then provide the change agent for leadership to execute on strategy and succeed. Performance Matters has empowered many businesses to become values driven organisations at their core, these include: APPP, Flavoured Beverages Group, Champ Private Equity, Bluestar, Stockland, Peters Ice Cream, Griffin’s, Riviana, Gerard Lighting Group

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Puka Up

We believe people with passion have the power to change the world… and its hard to find someone that embodies this more than Wayne Schwass. PAN is empowering Wayne and his social enterprise Puka Up to chase the dream to create environments where every person has authentic and genuine conversations about their mental health and emotional wellbeing

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A concierge service created by PAN that guides families through the process of placing a loved one in aged care.

Andrew thought a service like this would already exist, when going through the process with his father. After the months it took to get to a successful placement, he took this personal experience to his partners at PAN and set about turning the idea into reality. Care Guidance is built on a technology platform to make it a consistent high-quality service and matches your specific needs with detailed up-to-date information on facilities throughout Victoria. Care Guidance then does the technical work on your behalf, to deliver the one thing your family wants – peace of mind.

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Global Citizen

An organisation that empowers people, through technology, to confront the world’s biggest challenges.

Global Citizen see an end to extreme poverty by 2030. This is because every action has a consequence, and when millions of people take action simultaneously they can change the world. Since 2012, 10 million actions have targeted world leaders urging them to act on the biggest issues in our global community. These are campaigns to improve global health, food and hunger, water and sanitation, and education (amongst many others). It has resulted in and over $30 billion of financial aid that will improve the lives of 656 million people.

It is proof that everyone can make a difference.

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