Peter is passionate about empowering people to chase their dreams to change the world. Peter distinguished himself as a leader in the corporate world from a young age, he has a strong leadership and management record of high performance across a range of industries. After decades in the corporate sector chasing the dollar, faster cars, bigger houses, and flash clothes, Peter travelled to a community in rural South Africa that had been devastated by AIDS. Sitting on a dirt floor under a thatched roof, Peter had an epiphany that there must be more to life. Born was Peter’s mantra #MAD – Make A Difference. His journey evolved as he began working with communities that face far greater challenges than he ever imagined. Combining his business acumen and these seminal experiences, Peter founded PAN with a firm belief in the impact business can have in creating positive change in the world.

“PAN is not an investment firm but a way of thinking that challenges paradigms and the conventional norms of business.”